Monday, March 3, 2008

Natakhtari "Lemonade"

If you'll remember, back in December I wrote about a little gig I had recording my voice for an infomercial for Natakhtari Lemonade (soda). Well, I have the finished edit in my possession now. You will notice that the English is quite bad--not my fault! They gave me only 3 minutes to read over the script during which I tried my best to fix the most egregious of mistakes...


Anonymous said...

Wow, Xiao Ma, that's some advertisement for lemonade. When will we be able to find it in the Bay Area?
We hear you are leaving at the end of the month. It must be hard to say good-by to Georgia, but maybe you can come back before long.
Maggie got into at least two nursing programs, including her first choice, so that is good news. Now we have to hear about financial aid for her.
I'm glad you're living in a country with so much pure water!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That wasn't an was a documentary.
Very nicely done.
Hopefully Natakhtari will enrapture the United States as well.


Anonymous said...

Wow. You have an American accent. :)

Well done: and what a thing to have an experienced!

Anyuta said...

Yay! It IS on youtube...I had been wondering and thinking about trying to find it. I love the background music...haha...and the script is kind of hilarious at moments. :)

But it is all very convincing...I mean, I'm getting thirsty right now! I guess that just means you'll have to bring me some.

Anonymous said...

Ryan! Why don't you ever accept my comments!

your darling sister,

Mama wants you home, and she thinks about you. And she wants you to finish collage first. (She told me to type this.)

Anonymous said...


I did not know that.
that was very interesting.

Catherine (Your sisters new pen pal)