Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home; New Blog

For those who still visit this blog hoping to find out if I survived my trip to Tajikistan, well I have. It was an amazing trip; almost too amazing to put into words (for example, this picture is of an Afghan Caravan in the Wakhan Valley. We were in Tajikistan, they were in Afghanistan--we were all at the edge of the world)--though fear not! When I have time/don't feel lazy, I'll try to write all the details of the trip. Meanwhile, take a look at my pictures.

I'd also like to mention that I've created a new blog. Unlike this blog, was created for me, not necessarily for readers. As you might have gathered from reading this blog, I've learned a couple of languages during my year abroad (Georgian and Russian), and I don't want to forget them. That's why I've made it a summer project of mine to translate Russian and Georgian materials (news articles and literature, mostly) and post them online. Read my first blog entry for a more detailed description of the blog's aims.