Friday, June 22, 2007


I apologize for not giving a comprehensive post recently--I've been quite busy with work at the clinic this week, but should have time this weekend to give a recap.

I have activated the anonymous comments feature (I wasn't aware that y'all were being blocked from commmenting!), so please comment.

Now, I'm off to the Bazaar to buy some scrubs.


Anonymous said...


You're father sent me the address for this site and the flickr one... I've really been fascinated by all your activities... and how wonderful to keep such a thorough journal... and the pictures! Oh, love those pictures!

Also find it amazing that you're learning their language... I was always good at Math, but struggled with languages... how many languages are you up to now?

Anyway, from your hometown of Rugby, I salute your work!

Carrie Thornthwaite

PS: I'm fairly new at blogging... you're only the second blog that I've responded to... my daughter's was the first. :-)

Anonymous said...


frances said...

Yr mom gave me the link, I think because I've got some E. European connections & projects. But I've never been to Georgia---much less tried to learn the language. Good for you! So!-- in Georgia too they are seeing that it's in their interest to revive their past, make their villages quaint, etc. Looking forward to reading more of your observations/adventures.